Lighting of the Tree

Christmas tree lighting

Last night, the City of Decatur held one of their holiday rituals on the Square, the lighting of the Christmas tree. Perched on top of The Little Shop of Stories, a Christmas tree stood regally above the eager crowd. Santa led a count down and I managed to snap this picture just as the tree came to life.

  1. Holiday said:

    That this family is in the shape of a Christmas tree itself, with a beautiful little cherub on top, is remarkable. But the face of the little girl in the leopard print jacket holds all the quiet, wide-eyed wonder in the world. Thank you, Beate.

    • Thanks Holiday. The girl in the leopard jacket was a bonus. I did not see her until I brought the image up on my computer. Happy Holidays!

  2. Janet Hastings said:

    Love this photo- the children’s faces- on second glance, i saw the look of wonder/ magic on the little girl to right of family of four

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    • Thanks Janet. Even at 55 years old, there are times that the holidays are magical to me. This evening certainly was.
      Happy Holidays to you and the family.

  3. Margarita Montalvo said:

    Beautiful! The family itself “look” like a “tree”. Margarita

    • You are right. I did not think of the tree shaped configuration of the family when I took the picture. Thanks and Happy Holidays.

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