Bleachers were erected along Peachtree Street for spectators at the Children’s Christmas Parade. As soon as the parade passed through, an army of workers descended to sweep the streets, blow the confetti and trash off the sidewalks, and dismantle the bleachers. They were under pressure to clean up as quickly as possible so traffic through Midtown could be restored. Eduardo caught my eye because he was zooming up and down the bleachers with the agility of a hummingbird, power tool in hand, unscrewing bolts. As I started to photograph, a gentleman, who turned out to be the supervisor, approached me with a suspicious look. After I explained why I had stopped to photograph Eduardo he told me that Eduardo was his hardest worker.

  1. Eric Rawlings said:

    I love seeing your photos. You have a real eye for characters and Eduardo is definitely one of my favorites.

    • Perhaps one of mine too. Thank you so much Eric. Happy Holidays! Love your new house.

  2. Mike said:

    Really a great picture!

    • Thanks Mike. I had a great subject to work with. I appreciate you taking the time to connect via my photo blog. It is really fun to share this part of my life with family and friends. Wishing you and your family a beautiful holiday season.

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