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Leaping Squirrel

I was itching to get out and photograph today, despite the fact that it was gloomy. After being cooped up inside because of very cold temperatures over the last week, I managed to venture out for a couple hours. The streets were devoid of people, so I poked around the buildings in Midtown. Although I enjoyed my walk and took a few pictures, photographically speaking I did not find anything terribly exciting. I was surprised, however, when this image appeared on my monitor. At the time I took this shot I was focused on the pretty curtains in the windows. I had not realized that a squirrel had leapt for the camera.

Real Stories, Real People went to press on Friday. I traveled to Monroe, Georgia, the location of Walton Press Inc., where I witnessed the production of the publication. I arrived as the printing crew was proofing the publication for alignment and color. It was a fascinating procedure to witness. I will take you through the steps as I captured them.

Walton Press-1Real Stories, Real People was printed on the large roll of paper on the right.

Walton Press-3This is the initial run of the publication on the printing press.

Walton Press-4Kenneth is evaluating the color of the individual pages and has proofs that have been created by the prepress team which he uses to match the color.

Walton Press-5Kenneth makes adjustments to the color which he evaluates by eye. Although it appears as if he is taking his time, the process occurs at lightening speed. As the publication comes off the press, individual copies are snatched up to evaluate and adjustments are inputted into the system within seconds. These changes affect the printing instantaneously.

Walton Press-7This is the back page of the 2000 copies.

I want to extend my sincere gratitude to all the staff at Walton Press. I am thankful for their assistance in helping me prepare Real Stories, Real People for press and the crew on Friday for their expertise in creating a high quality publication.

Real Stories, Real People will be distributed to the Georgia Policymakers during this legislative session and will also be available to the public free of charge. The printing of this publication was made possible from the generous donations received by family, friends, and individuals who I have never met. Thank you to all who contributed.

To learn more about Real Stories, Real People visit

X-mas Display

Once I recovered from the pre-holiday frenzy, I was able to settle down and enjoy the gift of time spent with family and friends. With the passing of each year, I have become less tolerant of the commercialism that surrounds the winter holidays. Not only are we bombarded with ads for products that promise to make our lives more fulfilling, but we are challenged to erect magnificent decorative displays in our front yards. The inflatable Christmas decorations are a favorite in my neighborhood. Down the street, a neighbor covered his entire lawn with blow up characters. The display was so over the top that it made me chuckle every time I passed the house. The Christmas display that touched my heart graced the house directly across the street from mine. It was simple yet so very beautiful. A nativity scene was perched on the back porch and surrounded by delicate lights. It did not call attention to itself yet it drew me in each time I gazed at it. Perhaps I found it so mesmerizing because it embodied the simpler life I so desire yet struggle to achieve.

Happy New Year. May you find beauty and peace in 2016.