Beauty in Simplicity

X-mas Display

Once I recovered from the pre-holiday frenzy, I was able to settle down and enjoy the gift of time spent with family and friends. With the passing of each year, I have become less tolerant of the commercialism that surrounds the winter holidays. Not only are we bombarded with ads for products that promise to make our lives more fulfilling, but we are challenged to erect magnificent decorative displays in our front yards. The inflatable Christmas decorations are a favorite in my neighborhood. Down the street, a neighbor covered his entire lawn with blow up characters. The display was so over the top that it made me chuckle every time I passed the house. The Christmas display that touched my heart graced the house directly across the street from mine. It was simple yet so very beautiful. A nativity scene was perched on the back porch and surrounded by delicate lights. It did not call attention to itself yet it drew me in each time I gazed at it. Perhaps I found it so mesmerizing because it embodied the simpler life I so desire yet struggle to achieve.

Happy New Year. May you find beauty and peace in 2016.

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  1. Margarita Montalvo said:

    Beautiful indeed! I’m glad when the holidays are over, because everyone puts away all those lights. I don’t like going out at night, because the lights blind me. Margarita

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