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Baseball in Hands-1

The 2016 baseball season has begun at Decatur High School. I am back in the dugout photographing the players and thoroughly enjoying myself. The players are equally excited about starting the season and the atmosphere has been both electric and serious. I believe they are also glad I have returned to photograph because I provide them with the images I capture. During the first game last week one of the players said to me, “You know Mrs. Sass, the thing I have missed the most has been your pictures.” More baseball to come.


Feed A Bee-1Feed A Bee-2

Once again, movie cameras rolled into Oakhurst to film. Over the past week, Olive47, a famous Atlanta artist, painted a mural on the side of a building in Oakhurst Village with the help from other local artists. The mural will be featured in a video to promote a national initiative called Feed a Bee. Feed a Bee aims to increase habitats for bees and other pollinators so they can thrive. In 2015, 250,000 consumers pledged to plant 65 million flowers to provide bees with more food. After filming was completed, planter boxes and plants used to landscape the set were donated to our community. Thank you to the Bayer Bee Care Program and Porter Novelli, a public relations firm which was overseeing the project, for making our community a more beautiful place.

Did you know that a bee must visit 2 million flowers to make one pound of honey?

Girl in WIndow

Many times I see great shots and I kick myself for not having my camera. After the fact, I realize that indeed I have a camera, my cell phone. I just haven’t taken my cell phone camera seriously and most of the time overlook its capabilities and potential. A couple of days ago I drove to pick up my weekly loaf of bread from the bakery, Lion Tamer Bread. As I pulled into the non-descript shopping center and parked my car, I noticed this young girl peering out the window at a learning center next to the bakery. I immediately chastised myself for not having my camera. As I approached the girl, I half heartedly took my cell phone out of my purse and captured this shot.

By the way, Lion Tamer Bread, has the best bread you will ever taste. It was voted Best Bread by Best of Atlanta in 2015. Check it out and tell Brain I sent you.



Today I was walking on the Beltline with my husband and daughter when two young women approached us and handed a red rose to both my daughter and me . It was such an unexpected gesture that I immediately asked who they represented. When they told me that they were not affiliated with any organization my next silly question was, “So you are just doing this on your own?” They nodded yes and shrugged as if to say, “Of course.” We thanked them for the beautiful gesture and as I brought the rose up to my nose and deeply inhaled my husband said,”That was a random act of kindness.”

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my family, friends, virtual friends and to all those who I have yet had the opportunity to meet.

Marti Gras 2016-1Marti Gras 2016-2Marti Gras 2016-3Marti Gras 2016-4Marti Gras 2016-5Marti Gras 2016-6

Eleven years ago, a neighbor and her husband, Emily and Dave Berg, came to the realization that their traditional trek to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras was no longer feasible. At that time, their oldest son had begun kindergarten. In the interest of maintaining familial harmony, Dave suggested starting their own parade for the kids. A paper mache float was built upon a radio flyer wagon and painted by family and friends. On February 8, 2005 the Berg family dressed up in costumes and paraded up and down their street throwing beads and singing with a handful of neighbors in tow. What began as a small intimate parade has morphed into an extravaganza with hundreds of neighbors in costume, marching bands and colorful floats winding through the streets of Oakhurst. The parade ends at The Imperial restaurant where the festivities continue until nightfall. Proceeds from the food and beverages sold are donated to the Decatur Education Foundation  (DEF), which in turn are earmarked for music education grants in the Decatur City Schools. A huge thank you to Emily and Dave for their vision and continued efforts and to The Imperial and Revolution Doughnuts for their contributions to the DEF in support of the Mead Road Mardi Gras.


This past weekend I traveled to Nashville with a friend to attend a photography workshop sponsored by SxSE. The weekend started with an inspiring lecture series featuring Jerry Atnip, Barbara Griffin and Alison Wright, and concluded with a portfolio review. Saturday, Jerry and Alison led the group on a photowalk down Broadway, the renowned entertainment district for country music. It was my kind of weekend packed with photography, good company, and great food.