Happy Valentine’s Day


Today I was walking on the Beltline with my husband and daughter when two young women approached us and handed a red rose to both my daughter and me . It was such an unexpected gesture that I immediately asked who they represented. When they told me that they were not affiliated with any organization my next silly question was, “So you are just doing this on your own?” They nodded yes and shrugged as if to say, “Of course.” We thanked them for the beautiful gesture and as I brought the rose up to my nose and deeply inhaled my husband said,”That was a random act of kindness.”

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my family, friends, virtual friends and to all those who I have yet had the opportunity to meet.

  1. Carolyn Cowan said:

    And Happy Valentine’s Day to you. A lovely story…we need more kind gestures in this combative world of ours. I so appreciate your attempts to capture such examples of humanity, Beate!

    • Thanks Carolyn. it is such moments that remind me to be more trusting and less suspicious, and to reach out to others with a kind gesture. It can be very impactful.

  2. Margarita Montalvo said:

    I can imagine how you felt!!!!! Margarita

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