Monthly Archives: March 2016

Spring at the High

Today I took my father, who is visiting from New Mexico, to the High Museum of Art.  After spending a good part of the morning viewing the fabulous work by  Vik Muniz, we took a break to eat lunch across the courtyard at Table 1280. While waiting for our table I happened to glance outside one of the windows at the lounge and saw this scene. This is a tree I have photographed many times. The light that bounces off the reflective surface of the white building often illuminates the tree with exquisite light. Although my previous images of this tree have fallen short of my expectations, many interesting elements were present in the scene today which allowed me to create this compelling image.


Tyler in dugout-1

This is my second season photographing the Decatur High School baseball players in the dugout. Recently, I have come to realize that my relationship with the players has evolved and this in turn has impacted the images I have captured. This change has been influenced not only by my ability to anticipate the actions of individual players but also their comfort level with having me present in such close proximity. My presence does not appear to be a distraction, yet many of the players are sensitive to the fact that I am trying to capture just the right moment or gesture. Often the player will pause and hold an expression for just the slightest second longer to give me the time to frame the shot. This exchange between myself and the player is intuitive and rarely is there any verbal exchange. As a result of this collaboration I have been able to capture the players at moments when they are most vulnerable and willing to reveal their true selves. This has been a gift and I am so grateful and moved by their generosity. I will continue to share their portraits in the weeks to come.

Tour Decatur -1Tour Decatur -2Tour Decatur -3Tour Decatur -4Tour Decatur -5

The 2016 Tour deCatur Road Race took place last weekend in my home town. I always volunteer to photograph this event because the race benefits the Decatur Education Foundation (DEF), an organization whose efforts I applaud. The DEF supports our Decatur youth to “realize their full potential, not only in the classroom but also through learning experiences that contribute to personal development.” In addition, I derive much pleasure from having the opportunity to photograph a diverse community of beautiful people.

Miller Grove-1Miller Grove-2Miller Grove-3Miller Grove-4

This past week my son’s high school baseball team headed east of Atlanta to play Miller Grove High School in Lithonia. Because the field had no lights, the game was called after five innings. Decatur High won their fourth straight game. Although it was too dark to play ball, the light was a photographer’s dream. I was able to capture these shots as we were leaving the field.


The Black History Month Parade this past weekend paid homage to Earl Little, its founder, who passed away in November of 2015. Little had a vision to create an event in Atlanta during Black History Month that would celebrate the Black American heritage, culture, and history, as well as inspire people to be proud of who they are. The first parade took place five years ago and the event has since grown to include participants from across the United States and as far away as Africa. This year I noticed an abundance of youth groups showcasing their talents as dancers and musicians and for some this was their first opportunity to partake in such an event. In speaking to some of the group leaders, I learned that several of the performing groups were organized at a grassroots level with the goal of providing young people the opportunity to stay engaged with something they enjoyed.