Dugout Portrait #1

Tyler in dugout-1

This is my second season photographing the Decatur High School baseball players in the dugout. Recently, I have come to realize that my relationship with the players has evolved and this in turn has impacted the images I have captured. This change has been influenced not only by my ability to anticipate the actions of individual players but also their comfort level with having me present in such close proximity. My presence does not appear to be a distraction, yet many of the players are sensitive to the fact that I am trying to capture just the right moment or gesture. Often the player will pause and hold an expression for just the slightest second longer to give me the time to frame the shot. This exchange between myself and the player is intuitive and rarely is there any verbal exchange. As a result of this collaboration I have been able to capture the players at moments when they are most vulnerable and willing to reveal their true selves. This has been a gift and I am so grateful and moved by their generosity. I will continue to share their portraits in the weeks to come.

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  1. margfoxon said:

    This is a great shot. Wonderful lighting. M

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