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Long Walk Home-2

I walked past several body shops, all of which had an assortment of old cars in various stages of disrepair.  This car stopped me in my tracks.

Long Walk Home-1

I came upon what looked like a circus tent that had been erected in front of a small church. When I peered inside this is what I saw. 

A week ago today, I backed out of my driveway right into my neighbor’s car. To say I felt horrible is a gross understatement. Not only did I damage his car’s back end but that of my car as well. Luckily, my car insurance processed the claim quickly and on Monday I was able to drop my car off at a body shop in Scottdale, a small community a few miles down the road from Decatur. Although the folks from the body shop would have driven me home, I decided to walk back as my penance. I felt that at least I could suffer a bit since I had inflicted a hardship on my neighbor. Of course my camera accompanied me on my long walk home so my suffering was alleviated to a certain extent. It was a bright morning with harsh light so my photographic opportunities were very limited. But them again, I wasn’t supposed to be having fun.




The Decatur High School baseball team finished their regular season with a big win on Friday night against Maynard Jackson High School. Decatur travels to Statesboro this coming Friday to compete in the first round of the state playoffs. A young, talented freshman in the image above gathers his gear after the game. He is affectionately called “Stretch” because of his impressive height.

Tony from Royal China-1Tony from Royal China-2Tony from Royal China-3Tony from Royal China-4

As I mentioned in my last blog post, Saturday evening I was visiting the Decatur Square when I happened to hear a racket emerging from behind a row of boxwoods at the side of the Old Decatur Courthouse. When I went to investigate, I peered down to the basement level of the Courthouse and was astounded to see a makeshift kitchen outside the door, lit by a single floodlight. Tony, the chef from the restaurant, Royal China, was cooking a full Chinese banquet for 200 guests at a wedding reception. It was amazing to watch him skillfully prepare one dish after the other as he commanded the four woks before him. He was in perpetual motion for over two hours.  After scooping the last dish, fried rice, onto a serving platter he took a deep breath and sighed with exhaustion as beads of sweat glistened on his forehead. He then proceeded to give me a to-go box with shrimp fried rice. I carried my prized possession home and enjoyed a plate of the best fried rice I have ever tasted. This comfort food soothed my soul.

Flips off table

Saturday evening I needed some cheering up so I wandered down to the Decatur Square with my camera in hand. Going out with the intension to photograph always lifts my spirits. The evening did not disappoint. I first met a young man who was doing flips off a picnic table in front of the Old Courthouse. He told me that he had been studying martial arts for many years and was now working on imbuing his craft with a personal style.  Shortly after, I noticed a group assembling at the Courthouse steps waiting for the Decatur Ghost Tour to begin. I thought I might join them. While I was waiting I heard a loud scraping sound coming from behind the row of bushes in the background of this image. I wandered over, slid behind the bushes, and was astonished by what I saw. The scene was mesmerizing and had me transfixed until late evening. But that’s a story for my next blog post.

Cowboy Mitch at Stride Ahead-1

Cowboy Mitch at Stride Ahead-2

If you follow my blog you may remember my post on December 18, 2015, entitled Cowboy Mitch. When I posted Mitch’s touching story about his childhood memories and love of everything cowboy, I had one goal in mind, to get him up on a horse. Although Mitch wears a cowboy hat and boots, and regularly watches old western reruns on TV, he has never ridden a horse, until today. My daughter takes therapeutic riding lessons at Stride Ahead in Decatur, and when they heard about Mitch’s story they agreed to give him a riding lesson. Today, the hour I spent with Mitch, the instructor, Sarah Tomaka, and the volunteers at Stride Ahead, was magical. Watching Mitch ride his horse, Dreamer, was like watching a kid in a candy store. Pure joy!

Thank you Sarah (on left), Emory student volunteers (with Mitch and Dreamer), and Anne Preston, director of Stride Ahead, for making today possible.