Cowboy Mitch Saddles Up

Cowboy Mitch at Stride Ahead-1

Cowboy Mitch at Stride Ahead-2

If you follow my blog you may remember my post on December 18, 2015, entitled Cowboy Mitch. When I posted Mitch’s touching story about his childhood memories and love of everything cowboy, I had one goal in mind, to get him up on a horse. Although Mitch wears a cowboy hat and boots, and regularly watches old western reruns on TV, he has never ridden a horse, until today. My daughter takes therapeutic riding lessons at Stride Ahead in Decatur, and when they heard about Mitch’s story they agreed to give him a riding lesson. Today, the hour I spent with Mitch, the instructor, Sarah Tomaka, and the volunteers at Stride Ahead, was magical. Watching Mitch ride his horse, Dreamer, was like watching a kid in a candy store. Pure joy!

Thank you Sarah (on left), Emory student volunteers (with Mitch and Dreamer), and Anne Preston, director of Stride Ahead, for making today possible.

  1. Sarah Tomaka said:

    Beate, thank you for making this happen – it was my privilege to have Mitch ride with us today!

    • Thank you again Sarah! I believe the experience made a lasting impression on Mitch.

  2. HD said:

    Yet again, you make my day. Wonderful! Thank you.

    • Mitch made my day yesterday. Glad he made yours as well.

  3. Margarita Montalvo said:


    • He was smiling ear to ear and apparently still is today.

  4. I work with Mitch and all day have heard him regaling his coworkers with stories about his wonderful weekend. Imagine my surprise to check my WordPress Reader and find your post and his photo! He’s been beaming all day, but his smile got even wider when I told him I’d found this!

    • What a wonderful story from your end. The experience made an impression on me as well. I’ve been smiling all day just thinking about Mitch up on Dreamer.

  5. Cowboy Mitch said:

    I definitely went back to seven years old again. Indeed an experience that I remember to this day and it’s just as refreshing! I can’t Wait to get on another horse and share the experience with you guys! After having ridden one for the first time thanks to Beate Sass, I have a whole new different respect for such an extraordinary animal and Love them even more.

    • So glad you had such a wonderful experience. Come back. The folks at Stride Ahead will saddle you up again.

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