Cooking for a Chinese Wedding

Tony from Royal China-1Tony from Royal China-2Tony from Royal China-3Tony from Royal China-4

As I mentioned in my last blog post, Saturday evening I was visiting the Decatur Square when I happened to hear a racket emerging from behind a row of boxwoods at the side of the Old Decatur Courthouse. When I went to investigate, I peered down to the basement level of the Courthouse and was astounded to see a makeshift kitchen outside the door, lit by a single floodlight. Tony, the chef from the restaurant, Royal China, was cooking a full Chinese banquet for 200 guests at a wedding reception. It was amazing to watch him skillfully prepare one dish after the other as he commanded the four woks before him. He was in perpetual motion for over two hours.  After scooping the last dish, fried rice, onto a serving platter he took a deep breath and sighed with exhaustion as beads of sweat glistened on his forehead. He then proceeded to give me a to-go box with shrimp fried rice. I carried my prized possession home and enjoyed a plate of the best fried rice I have ever tasted. This comfort food soothed my soul.

  1. Janet Hastings said:

    glad your soul was lifted and then comforted- life is full of little adventures in which we can delight! love, janet

    • Good food is always a comfort but so is photographing beauty. Thanks Janet for your beautiful words.

  2. kathleenlewis said:

    Enjoyed reading about this!

  3. Hildy Diaz said:

    Beate, you sure know how to find and capture these beautiful images. I always enjoy reading them. Hildy

    • Thanks Aunt Hildy. Finding these photographic treasures is what it felt like opening gifts Christmas morning as a kid.

  4. Margarita Montalvo said:


  5. Audrey Cole said:

    Exquisite, Beate. Thanks.

    • Thanks Audrey. It was great fun and quite a find…behind the bushes.

  6. Minh Ly said:

    Thank you for your times for capturing this beautiful photos and writing these kind words. Minh

    • And thank you for the opportunity to photograph an amazing evening.

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