Girl with Puppy

Girl and Puppy

There are always tradeoffs to asking someone for their permission to photograph. Out of courtesy I often make a point of asking, but sometimes something compelling occurs in a split second and there is no time to ask permission. When I photograph children, I will always ask the accompanying adult for their consent. Before I captured the image above, I was getting ready to photograph the chair in the beautiful light when I see this young girl’s hand as I am looking through the viewfinder and then her head. I lowered my camera and asked her if she wanted to be in the picture. She nodded yes, picked up her puppy, and sat in the chair. At that moment her family walked into the store. As I introduced myself and asked the mother permission to photograph, her daughter looked up at her. That was the moment I pressed the shutter. The girl then turned to me and smiled the way kids do when they know they are posing for the camera. Little did she know that the magic had been captured a second earlier.

  1. Beate! Your stuff is so astounding! It is like you managed to combine Norman Rockwell detail and sensibility with Vermeer lighting and a distinctly 21st century culture and surreal crispness! They are photos,I know, but as a person who is more of a painter, I think you are like the next era of painters!

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    • Thanks Bonita. You always have such insightful and thoughtful comments. It is funny that another artist/painter friend also said that the image was Norman Rockwellish. I appreciate the compliment!

  2. Margarita Montalvo said:

    Beautiful girl. The puppy certainly does not look very comfortable. Margarita

    • Isn’t she gorgeous. The puppy was only in that position for a second. She rearranged the puppy for the following shot I took which was not nearly as interesting.

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