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Universal Joint

Almost eight years ago I purchased my first full-frame DSLR. My Canon camera has been terrific but I have been limited with my ability to photograph in low light without a tripod. I’ve been inspired by the low light photography of my dear friend Teri Darnell. She is creating beautiful portraits of the entertainers in the clubs along Cheshire Bridge Road, in venues where there is little ambient light ( This would not be possible without the technological advances we are now seeing in the new mirrorless cameras on the market. So, with a little nudging from Teri, I purchased a Sony, mirrorless, full-frame camera. The image above was my first attempt to photograph at night; I shot it hand-held through a window. I didn’t mention that the Sony with a 35mm lens weighs a fraction of what my Canon weighs so it will be convenient and a pleasure to carry wherever I go.


Coke Truck

I headed out into our neighborhood one evening last week to photograph after the day had cooled off. I had been itching to get out and take pictures which is something I scarcely did over the summer because of the heat and increased humidity. When I had ventured out there hadn’t been many people mulling around. When the streets are devoid of people to photograph I start poking around the backs of buildings and peering into windows. As I walked past the Dollar Store in Oakhusrt I noticed this reflection in the church window.




Red Overalls-1My hometown of Decatur has seen tremendous growth over the past several years. The size of our city is 4.7 square miles and it is fully built out. Since the demand for housing continues to grow the only way to expand is to build up. Consequently, old buildings in our downtown area have been replaced by residential developments. Vacant buildings are virtually nonexistent. To my great surprise, I came across this building which had recently had it’s windows bashed in and appeared abandoned…or was it? On the back wall, red overalls hung neatly as if waiting to be donned.

Pool at Twains

This year, Twain’s Brewpub and Billiards celebrates 20 years in Decatur. When owner, Ethan Wurtzel, moved to Atlanta in 1995, he wanted to create a place with a focus on beer and games. Although Twain’s is known for their beer, the kitchen cranks out wonderful dishes that are made from scratch and use ingredients that are locally grown. Twain’s attracts couples, families, and friends who gather to enjoy a great meal, drink beer, shoot pool, or play darts. It has something for everyone. Plus, it is a great place to escape the summer heat.

Dog and Legs

Despite extremely hot temperatures yesterday, which approached 100 degrees on the heat index, thousands of people descended upon Centennial Olympic Park to enjoy the music festival, Praise in the Park. Despite my excitement of being back out on the streets to photograph I was unable to handle the heat. After a couple hours I captured the image above and then dragged myself to the MARTA station to return home. As I squatted down to photograph this girl’s legs, her puppy decided to enter the shot.


The scene above was captured at the Georgia Aquarium while sharks were being fed by boats floating overhead. A moment of grace occurred a few minutes later in another gallery in which over 100 people were seated facing a huge viewing window and listening to a presentation. An aquarium employee was being assisted by a woman from the audience and they were stretching out a tape measure to demonstrate the length of a whale shark. After reeling in the tape measure the presenter cued the volunteer to look behind her to view an impressive sight. Kneeling behind the woman was a tall, handsome man proudly holding up a ring towards the woman he loved. The audience gasped as the young woman burst into tears. Applause and joyous hoots erupted. It was a moment of pure beauty and joy and well worth the price of admission.