A Moment of Grace


The scene above was captured at the Georgia Aquarium while sharks were being fed by boats floating overhead. A moment of grace occurred a few minutes later in another gallery in which over 100 people were seated facing a huge viewing window and listening to a presentation. An aquarium employee was being assisted by a woman from the audience and they were stretching out a tape measure to demonstrate the length of a whale shark. After reeling in the tape measure the presenter cued the volunteer to look behind her to view an impressive sight. Kneeling behind the woman was a tall, handsome man proudly holding up a ring towards the woman he loved. The audience gasped as the young woman burst into tears. Applause and joyous hoots erupted. It was a moment of pure beauty and joy and well worth the price of admission.



  1. Jerry Turner said:

    I really like this photograph a lot, Beate!
    Are the 2 women in the middle texting each other? Could be…..

    And I love the way the guy on the left is pointing up. A good caption might be, “I saw that fish in the gulf, before they captured it and put it in here.

    As always, you did a wonderful job, freezing a moment in time.

    My best,

    south Georgia (USA)

    • Thanks Jerry. I never know exactly what I get until I download my images. The guy pointing up was a nice surprise.

  2. Margarita Montalvo said:

    Lovely, Margarita

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