Universal Joint

Universal Joint

Almost eight years ago I purchased my first full-frame DSLR. My Canon camera has been terrific but I have been limited with my ability to photograph in low light without a tripod. I’ve been inspired by the low light photography of my dear friend Teri Darnell. She is creating beautiful portraits of the entertainers in the clubs along Cheshire Bridge Road, in venues where there is little ambient light (www.teridarnell.com). This would not be possible without the technological advances we are now seeing in the new mirrorless cameras on the market. So, with a little nudging from Teri, I purchased a Sony, mirrorless, full-frame camera. The image above was my first attempt to photograph at night; I shot it hand-held through a window. I didn’t mention that the Sony with a 35mm lens weighs a fraction of what my Canon weighs so it will be convenient and a pleasure to carry wherever I go.

  1. bartokson said:

    And besides, your first effort is truly a great shot! I love it.

    Love, Dad

  2. Mike said:

    Nice. I also recently bought a mirrorless Olympus. I am not as talented as you, but love the camera.

    • Thanks Mike. Are you serious about shooting or are you a casual shooter? I doubt I have any more talent than you. You are a wonderful artist and have had a good eye since you were young. As any craft, talent is helpful but practice practice practice is key. You know that. i was also considering an Olympus. It is a great camera. One can’t go wrong with many of these powerful small cameras on the market today. Enjoy shooting. Chicago must be a great place to take pictures.

  3. Just beautiful light! You are on to a whole new world of fun!

    • Thanks Teri. I am really excited about being able to photograph in low light. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for me.

  4. margfoxon said:

    Great you’ve joined the mirrorless ranks! Sony is great. I bought it for travel but use it all the time. Never need to use a flash indoors which is great as I have an indoor event I have to shoot every month. M

    Sent from my iPad


    • I can see why you have not gone back to your DSLR. I love this camera!

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