Waiting for the Parade

Dragon Con

Fans arrived hours before the start of the Dragon Con Parade to stake out a front row seat.

I have been pondering the question as to why I am drawn to photographing people on the streets. Over the years I have photographed portraits, flowers, landscapes, and still lifes.  What distinguishes street photography from these other genres and makes it alluring to me is that the environment on the street is unpredictable and fluid. The space may be familiar but it is never the same. I never know what I am going to encounter. This is what makes street photography exciting but at the same time very difficult. I may return home with 200-400  images after shooting for several hours. Most of the images are duds and lack several elements that would make them successful. There may be several images in which the elements come together in only a portion of the shot. I might try cropping out a person who has turned away or has walked through the frame at an inopportune time but that will usually compromise the balance of the image. Once in a blue moon, I am able to capture a moment where the setting, lighting, composition, and gestures come together to create a compelling image from edge to edge. When it happens it is so satisfying and it always inspires me to return to the streets.

  1. Janet Hastings said:

    I enjoyed hearing what excites you about street photography-and about how you go about capturing such stunning and often poignant portraits of people all around you. It seems the older I get, the more I like stepping out of a “street scene” I am a part of and just observing-as if i am looking at a photograph or painting- do you know what i mean?

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    • Yes I do know what you are saying. You are taking the time to observe and drink in what is happening within your environment. Most of the time people are glued to their phones or consumed with taking selfies that they don’t allow themselves to look up and about. It is easy to be entertained on the streets if one takes the time to see.

  2. Margarita Montalvo said:


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