Taking Pride in America


patriotic-kids-1Over the past two weekends I had the pleasure of photographing the Oakhurst Fifth Avenue 5K and the Decatur High School Homecoming Parade in my community. I was drawn to photographing the young boy with the flag because he stood so tall and radiated great pride in holding what is a powerful symbol of America. In the lower image, no words are necessary to explain what this girl is feeling as she holds her hand over her heart during the performance of our national anthem. At this time during the presidential race, when the American people are being bombarded with disparaging remarks about our country, it is reaffirming to see the gratitude and pride that our citizens feel for the place we call home.

  1. Holiday said:

    You always hit just the right note, dear. Too true this, despite all the bluster and nonsense about. Thanks for the visual reminder of our better selves!

    • You are welcome and thank you for your comment Holiday.

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