Baton Bob


If you are looking for a bit of good cheer or inspiration look no further than Baton Bob. When the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred in New York City, Bob Jamerson was laid off from his job as a flight attendant. In an attempt to pull himself and others out of the funk that ensued after the tragedy, he decided to do something that brought him joy. He returned to twirling his baton in public. As a young boy, Bob was fascinated with the majorettes he watched at the college football games in his home town of Martinsville, Virginia. He started twirling a broomstick with the ends cut off at the age of 8 and proceeded to become the first male baton twirler in his high school. He is a celebrity as a street performer in Atlanta. One might see him marching and twirling his baton while dressed in one of his outrageous costumes. Baton Bob’s goal is to “lift people’s spirits and put a simple smile on people’s faces during their daily routine”.

  1. Margarita Montalvo said:


  2. Hildy said:

    I am smiling!!!!

  3. rosiecitizengazette said:

    Really, really nice picture!

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