Reading the Paper

Dad reading paper

Last week I was in New Mexico visiting my dad. I have been photographing my father in his daily life over the last four years. I am compelled to capture moments that reflect the person I so admire and love. The moments that inspire me to click the shutter may include a glance or expression, one that is not only familiar to me but etched into my very being.  Other moments are captured during his daily routine. Reading the paper is a ritual that I have observed my entire life. Dad usually reads the local paper while eating breakfast.  He reserves reading the Wall Street Journal for a later time in the day when he is able to get comfortable in his favorite chair and devour the news at his leisure. At the moment above, my dad had looked up from reading the paper to glance at his Dodgers playing a game on the TV.

  1. I love your photos of your dad. I know they speak to you as the person who raised and loved you, but I think they also speak to the universal in all of us. They document personhood, give glimpses of a lifetime, and provide an intricate look at toe to nose human expression. They help us to see the extra ordinary in the day to day. Thank you, Beate! You have so many gifts to share.

    • What a beautiful comment. Thank you Bonita. More to come.

  2. bartokson said:


    Couldn’t you choose a better photo of me reading the paper? This one has me looking terribly disfigured in the face and head. Oh dear, the tribulations of the “most wanted” to be photographed!!



    • Oh Dad, but I love this one. You are precious.

  3. Hildy said:

    Beate, …what a beautiful picture, in spite of what YOU think Peter. I love when you photograph your Dad!!! We enjoyed having dinner with you, Tim and Christine and look forward to see you soon, Peter.
    Love Hildy

    • Thanks Aunt Hildy. Of course I love this picture too. Always great to see you guys!

  4. Margarita Montalvo said:


    • Thanks Margarita. Try to convince my dad of that.

  5. Riko Carrion said:

    I can never get enough of these. I love your dad’s response.

    • He is so funny. Every time I pull my camera out he asks me, “Don’t you have enough pictures of me?” In the end, he is such a great sport and he is an amazing model. He puts up with all my demands.

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