I am Decatur #14

Robert Leonard

Robert Leonard’s home sits on one of the most beautiful pieces of property in Decatur. When he purchased the house in 1978 the neighborhood was in distress. “The house was in very bad shape. Everyone who came in and looked at it said I was nuts to buy this place. The backyard was so overgrown with privet that I didn’t even know there was a stream back there, a four-car shed, and a small little barn.“ Over the years, Robert has slowly worked to fix up his modest house and rehabilitate the two-acre property.

Robert has always been connected to the land and the great outdoors. In his younger years, he spent a lot of time in the woods in Colorado hunting and fishing. He also lived for some time on his Uncle’s farm where they raised pigs and chickens, and grew crops. “When I got this house I looked at it and I had all this property and decided I could do this, and slowly this is what I have done.” Today, his backyard is a little slice of paradise with a gurgling creek, and native trees and plants. Robert also has a community chicken coop, beehives, and a vegetable garden that he shares with his neighbor.

Robert’s generosity extends throughout Decatur. “I care about my community. That’s why I work with Habitat for Humanity during the Martin Luther King weekend. It’s nice to work on people’s houses. They are very appreciative.”

  1. great photo! Shows the open person who has the large open yard. Great member of the community and neighbor.

  2. Jerry Turner said:

    What is the story behind the boar’s head?

    • Robert has hunted and fished all his life. When I walked into his home he had several animal heads laying around including this wild boar’s head. I thought it was quite impressive so Robert picked it up and had some fun with it. Robert has a great sense of humor which is why I ended up picking this image for the story.

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