Dad at Computer

During a recent visit with my dad, I captured him playing solitaire on his computer. Although he spends much of his time on the computer reading the news, playing solitaire is something he does to unwind in the evenings.



Yesterday, the Atlanta Aquarium opened their doors two hours early to host a sensory friendly event for those living with autism. This coincided with Autism Awareness Month. Many individuals living with autism are particularly sensitive to loud noises, bright lights and large crowds. I expected the Aquarium to be less crowded than usual but it was packed with families and lots of young children, which speaks to the prevalence of the disorder. Despite the crowds, the magic of these underwater scenes captivated even the youngest of those present.


I was introduced to Amina Mohamed over a year ago. She was recommended to me as a possible participate for my “I am Decatur” project. Every time since, when our paths crossed I would ask her if she was ready to be interviewed. Each time she put me off and told me that she did not know why I was interested in listening to her story. A month ago I again met up with Amina at a performance and to my surprise she agreed to be interviewed and photographed. She confessed that she had been nervous about telling her story but that she was ready to conquer her fears. Her story was riveting, painful and inspiring. Amina’s story is one of a  courageous woman who overcame many injustices and tragedies in her life.  Today, Amina is a Decatur neighbor who shines brightly in our community. Below is an excerpt from her story.

“I choose the light everyday. When I go into darkness I just pull myself up to the light. We are here for a reason. I have a purpose in this life but I haven’t found it yet. I’ve been soul searching, still learning and finding myself. I won’t give up. I will get where I need to go. I’m just starting.”

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MardiGras_2018For the last several years I have volunteered to photograph the Oakhurst Mardi Gras Parade in my neighborhood. Proceeds from the festivities benefit the Decatur Education Foundation, a fantastic organization that supports youth and teachers in our community. Today the rain held off  long enough for the parade to wind through Oakhurst Village and reach its destination at the Imperial. The kids above are from Oakhurst Elementary school. Their mascot is the owl.

MLK March-1

MLK March-2

The beginning of this New Year has been disheartening. Yet marching with my friends from Disability Link in the Martin Luther King Day parade was inspiring and uplifting. The King family led the way as people of all ages, ethnicities, races, religions and abilities came together to march for the civil rights of all.


Tree Lot

There is something magical about a Christmas tree lot at night, all lit up, with the trees lined up in neat rows. This holiday season a tree lot sprung up in Oakhurst Village, just a couple blocks from my home. In the evenings when I would drive past it I would think about returning with my camera. The atmosphere never seemed right until the night the fog rolled in. I dug deep into the back of my closet for my tripod and headed out. The image above was captured when two cars traveling the opposite direction happened to pass through my frame at the same time.

Wishing  you and your family a beautiful holiday season and may the New Year bring you the gifts of peace, hope, and joy.