Throughout my life I have found it difficult to express myself with words. In my youth I was a cellist and expressed my feelings through music, but always struggled with the technical aspects of playing the instrument. When I discovered photography in my mid-forties, I realized I had found a way to express what I saw and felt in the most natural way.

I am drawn towards visual storytelling and am particularly interested in documenting the history and culture of the southeast region where I live. I am fascinated with the people I meet, their experiences growing up in the South, and their connections to the land and the places they live. Through my pictures, I strive to capture the essence of those experiences and the context in which they exist.

 After living 21 years in Tallahassee, Florida, in 2011 I relocated to Decatur, Georgia, where I now live with my husband, two children, and my daughter’s Canine Companion, Nathan.

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  1. Shelly Whiting said:

    My daughter in law, Lisa just sent me this site since she knows I am interested in photography and have kept a log for my own benefit for years. Thanks for sharing, I’d say you do well with both visual and written descriptions. I’ll be waiting for more.

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