WisteriaLast Sunday, our family headed north to Tennessee for a respite from our hectic routine. Although the flowering trees had exploded with color before we departed Atlanta, the leaves on the trees were just emerging. When we returned home five days later, the trees were in their full glory and the sweet smell of wisteria permeated the air. While photographing along the South Peachtree Creek Trail in Decatur yesterday evening, I came upon wisteria that was beautifully lit by the setting sun. Visually, the scene was arresting but on a deeper level I felt that the portrait before me epitomized the essence of the “South”.


Cabbagetown RosesJanuary Roses in Atlanta

It has been exactly one year since I began my blog. I started a blog because I had just moved to a new city and wanted a way to stay connected with my family and friends. It also provided me with an incentive to get out and photograph my new hometown. Photographing became the perfect vehicle to meet people and a way to acquaint myself with the history of Atlanta. People have been gracious and eager to share their stories and in return I have shared them with you. As a thank you for your support and wonderful comments I would like to give a gift to two of you. If you are interested in receiving a 8.5 x 11 inch photo from my blog, please email me at with your name, address and the image you would like. I will randomly draw two names one week later, on February 7th, and post the names of the winners on my blog.

For as long as I have been photographing, I have raised my camera to photograph the Southern Magnolia in springtime. Starting in April, I gaze at the tightly wrapped buds on these enormous trees and anxiously await the petals to unfurl to display the most seductive, beautiful flowers I have ever seen. The smell is intoxicating. The dazzling display of flowers is almost always out of reach, but this year I spotted the giant Magnolia down the street whose branches hover just above the ground. I have been eying the buds that dot these low branches and yesterday evening I was blessed with the opportunity to create this photograph.