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St Patrick's Cathedral

The first morning in NYC I awoke early and snuck out of our hotel room with my camera. I had only walked one block to 5th Ave and East 51st Street when I noticed a truck with a flatbed attached in which lay a humongous tree. The truck was parked to the side of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, America’s largest Catholic cathedral. There were several other trucks, including one with a crane and a front loader, parked on East 51st street as well. St. Patrick’s was undergoing an extensive landscape renovation and the tree in the photo above was the first of three to be planted on this side of the church. I watched in fascination as the various trucks skillfully maneuvered in and out of this narrow street to get the trees in the correct positions. When I mentioned to the supervisor that this must be “all in a day’s work” he replied that planting trees this large in NYC was a rarity.