motorcycleOur family recently returned from a trip to Utah to visit several of the state and national parks. We flew into Las Vegas, drove through Nevada and Arizona before we arrived in Utah.  The shot above was taken in Nevada. This landscape is a stark contrast to the rich reds, oranges, and yellows in SW Utah. More to come.

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Window ReflectionThis afternoon, our family attended the National Puppet Slam at the Center for Puppetry Arts in downtown Atlanta. As we were getting ready to leave after the performance, I noticed the reflection of building’s windows in the two cars next to us. Because of the juxtaposition of the cars, what was of interest to me was the collage of windows that emerged in the reflections.

You are invited to the opening reception of my exhibit,  A Good Life, next Friday evening, August 17.  This exhibit honors my father who is turning 94 next month. For those of you who have been following this project and know my dad through the images I have created, you will have the opportunity to meet him in person. He is flying out from New Mexico for the opening.

To read a Q&A about my experience as a photographer and this project click here.

Also on view in the gallery is The Past is Presenta group exhibition of five contemporary artists whose work explores memory and past.


Salt Lake City

On our return flight from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Atlanta, we flew through Salt Lake City. As we were approaching the Salt Lake City airport the scene above came into view through my window. What caught my eye was the yellowish substance that was floating on the surface of the Great Salt Lake that shone like gold. I was also impressed by the massive size of the lake which I learned covers an area of around 1,700 miles. I managed to grab my camera in time to take a couple shots.


In early June, my husband, Tim, and I were fortunate to return to the Grand Teton National Park, a place we first visited over twelve years ago with our kids. It was as beautiful and magical as I had remembered it. We stayed in a small lodge within the park called Jenny Lake Lodge. The resort has been in operation since the 1920s when it was established as a dude ranch called Danny Ranch. Jenny Lodge is situated in a secluded area of the park and is in walking distance to hiking trails and three stunning glacial lakes. Although I took my camera with me on this trip I did not take any pictures until the day we were to leave. Anxious to soak in the beauty of the land one last time, Tim and I woke up early the day of our departure and walked across the road to walk along one of the lakes. It was peaceful, calm, and utterly gorgeous. The image above was one of the few I captured.

The Bean in Chicago

The public sculpture known as The Bean in Chicago’s Millennium Park is probably one of the most popular destinations for tourists. The sculpture is made up of 168 seamless stainless steel plates which are highly polished, and it measures 33 by 66 by 42 feet. Because of its reflective properties it is a wildly popular place to photograph. I managed to capture the shot above as this young man was trying out various maneuvers while being photographed by a friend.


Chicago from hotel

Over the Memorial Day weekend, my husband fulfilled a promise to my daughter to take her to Chicago to see a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. This was strategically planned so my husband could see his team, the SF Giants, play against the Chicago Cubs. Despite being the hottest Memorial Day on record, we ventured out to museums, took an architectural boat tour, visited Oak Park to view Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio, and strolled through Millennium Park. One of my favorite views was from our hotel window in downtown Chicago. I loved seeing the combination of the modern architecture intermixed with the old.