Monthly Archives: October 2013

Girls eating corndogsDespite the fact that it rained for much of the day on Saturday throngs of people showed up to enjoy the festivities and Halloween Parade at Little Five Points. This image embodies the quirkiness of this district in Atlanta. Although it may appear that the above image is composed of two separate shots, this is not the case. These two girls were standing at the intersection of two conjoined buildings.

Drag Queens at Gay Pride 2I arrived at the staging area for the Atlanta Gay Pride Parade yesterday to find members and supporters of the  LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community dressed to the hilt. The challenge I encountered in photographing the people was that parade participants and spectators alike wanted to pose as soon as I raised my camera. It took patience on my part to hang around individuals long enough until I became invisible.

Angel Action Atlanta 3Support for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community was in full force at the Atlanta Gay Pride Parade today. Although the atmosphere was festive, colorful and charged with excitement, those of us in attendance were reminded of the challenges that continue to face this diverse population. Members from Angel Action Atlanta carried posters with the portraits of young people who had been murdered as a result of their sexual orientation or had been relentlessly bullied and driven to commit suicide. The mission of Angel Action Atlanta states…we quietly spread our wings between those who are grieving or celebrating our uniquenesses to shelter them from the hate of those who choose not to understand or accept us ( The tee shirts under the angel robes read, “Stop the Hate.”